Our Senior Management Team

Nick's specialties
Cartoon of Nick Clarey

Nick Clarey

CEO and Director

Things Nick likes to do

Nick is responsible for keeping customers happy, engineers fed, designers unruffled and products shipping.

An Australian refugee, Nick has learned to put up with the weather and the food. Codes when permitted.

Ben's specialties
Cartoon of Ben Blaukopf

Ben Blaukopf

CTO and Director

Things Ben likes to do

Ben has spent almost his entire life in Cambridge. He establishes the architecture and oversees software production activities. Frequent coder.

In his spare time he runs marathons, climbs mountains, and sleeps under canvas when he can.

Merce's specialties
Cartoon of Mercedes Cepeda Zaragoza

Mercedes Cepeda

Head of Design

Things Merce likes to do

Tired of the perfect weather and wonderful food of Spain, Merce came to Cambridge to learn English and decided to stay.

Ex-app store manager, ex-Android rebel, trained architect.