The Airsource Service Machine


Ready to build?

Then let's get started!

You've got a great idea, thought it through, done some research, and now you're ready to fund production. We help people like you every day to turn concepts into reality including all stages of development from initial design to ongoing maintenance and support.

We'll have an initial discussion to explore your concept and what it needs to do, and also advise you of minimum budgets and timescales for development.

But perhaps you're not sure about your idea just yet, and feel it needs further investigation before committing to a large scale project. We have you covered.

Our Process

Have a brief chat with us

A brief chat

Development can end up being complex, but it should always start simple. Face to face, on the phone or on Zoom; with a short and informal conversation you tell us what you want, and we'll discuss how we can help. Whether you're ready to build or still at an earlier stage, we're always happy to talk and find out more about what you need.

We send you a proposal

The proposal

Once we've had a chat (and maybe an email or two) we'll create an uncomplicated, jargon-free proposal for you. Clear descriptions and prices only. We do have two non-negotiables; we won't subcontract any work, and we won't compromise on quality*.

*We know it sounds corny, but it's important to us.

We produce a design for you

Research and Design

So it begins! Time to test our technical and design thinking skills. Your application will benefit from generous planning and design iteration, with your input integrated throughout. Exploring the scope and potential of your implementation will give us a framework for future development, with a consistent user experience and visual design to match.

We'll even work with you on your brand visuals (if you haven't already got a brand book!) to give you a head start in looking your best.

We build your application

Time to Build

You're loving the design and want to see it come to life - time to write code! Your concept is hard to design, but once construction begins there are usually more detailed questions to be answered about how to make it real. Our experience has proved that small, dedicated teams are the most effective when it comes to building quickly and efficiently, because those questions only need answering once.

So we don't throw people at the problem. And we don't parcel out work to other organisations either.

We test your application

Test, Test, Test

Outsource the testing? Not us! And we don't advise anybody else to either, which is why we do all ours in-house. Testing is not as easy as it may seem, and it's unreliable when done ad-hoc by a third-party. It requires attention to detail and a knack for finding every possible issue. A perverse delight in finding ways to break things helps too.

Our motto? Don't mess with test.

We release your application


Once you're happy with your product, it's time to organise a release schedule. But app store submissions, distribution environments and cloud releases can be a headache to navigate and manage. We look after the entire process on your behalf, ensuring that everything is in place where and when it needs to be. If you prefer, we can create a setup so that you can efficiently submit updates yourself.

So that's it, your product is on the market! That's where our work ends isn't it? Not quite…

We support your product after release

Support and Update

We don't walk away at the end of the project. It's inevitable that your creation will have issues that will need addressing with an update, or you might think of a brilliant new feature you want to add. As vendors update their operating systems and release new devices, and as cloud environments grow and change, we can test and update your product so your customers don't get any nasty surprises. We can even handle day-to-day support requests.

Whatever is needed for your product to thrive once it's out in the world. We'll continue maintenance for as long as you need us to.