Sketch of your final app

Ready to build an app?

Then let's get started!

You've got a great idea, thought it through, done some research, and now you're ready to fund production. We help people like you every day to turn concepts into reality including all stages of development from initial design to ongoing maintenance and support.

We'll have an initial discussion to explore your app and what it needs to do, and also advise you of minimum budgets and timescales for development.

But perhaps you're not sure about your idea just yet, and feel it needs further investigation before committing to a large scale project. We have you covered.

Not quite there yet?

Perhaps you've done some of the groundwork for an app with your own research, testing, or design. Each project that comes our way is at a different stage of development. So which stage are you at?

Your idea

Stage 1: Define your idea

You have a great idea or concept for an app, but you aren't sure how viable it is.

We'll run a half day workshop with you and one of our designers in our Cambridge office, all performed under NDA. This will enable you to define and focus your idea, giving you the benefit of a collaborative analysis.

After the workshop we'll send you:

  • our findings and proposals
  • all notes and images from the workshop
  • a technical overview
  • ballpark development cost estimates

Your concept

Stage 2: Evolve your concept

You've researched your idea, refined it's purpose, and have a good idea for your brand. But it needs more.

Our team will spend a week evolving your idea and evaluating key technical considerations. Two half day collaborative workshops will lay the foundation, together with any existing documentation and assets you have created.

You'll receive:

  • our findings and proposals
  • wireframe UX for up to 10 screens
  • graphic workup of two screens
  • all notes and images from our workshops
  • technical architecture for a single platform
  • accurate cost estimate and development schedule
Your prototype

Stage 3: Create your prototype

You're happy with the concept, but your investors want to see more.

For more complex apps it can be a good idea to have a live prototype showing key flows, to prove out the finer points of your design. Essential for demos, investor presentations, and more detailed user testing.

We will supply:

  • our findings and proposals
  • wireframe UX for up to 20 screens
  • graphic workup of up to 10 screens
  • all notes and images from our workshops
  • technical architecture for up to two platforms (iOS and Android, or mobile and server for example)
  • estimate and development schedule breakdown, including recommended staffing profile
  • interactive prototype