What your workspace looks like at Airsource
What your workspace looks like at Airsource

Current Opportunities

No current vacancies.

Recruitment agency?
Please do not contact us with speculative calls or e-mail. We will not be interested. But we may take the opportunity to vent.


I've got all these offers from big companies. Why should I consider working for a small company instead?

It's probably a good idea to work for a big company at some point - they got big for a reason and there are lots of people to learn from. The problem is that it is very easy to get pigeon-holed into a particular type or style of work. A small company lets you experience a breadth of work and types of projects much more quickly than you can experience in a larger organisation. At Airsource you get to know everybody and you can expect to be entrusted with much greater responsibility more quickly than elsewhere.

Besides, the three people who have left us are now working at Google, Apple and ARM. So from what we can tell, if you later decide to try working somewhere else you certainly won't be disadvantaged by starting here.

But you're small! How can I be sure you won't shut down this time next week?

You might expect job security to be perilous at a small company, but being small means we have to be financially conservative in order to survive. We've been going since 2003 and have outlasted lots of much bigger companies. Small doesn't have to mean insecure.

What sorts of people do you employ?

Mainly software engineers. We occasionally have vacancies for designers.

What kind of work will I be doing?

We're a great place to work if you enjoy variety! We are focused on mobile software (this much is hopefully obvious!) so there's a lot of iOS and Android development, but our clients also value our ability to "skill up" quickly on new platforms. We expect our people to enjoy learning new stuff.

Mobile development increasingly involves at least some measure of backend server work to store user data and enhance the mobile experience across devices. So some familiarity with server development is an advantage, but certainly isn't essential.

Do you demand guru level status in a particular language? I'm a super-blackbelt-master-rockstar at [insert language here].

Actually, no. We don't expect or test for in-depth knowledge of anything specific. During our interview you can expect to answer some difficult technical questions, but our focus is on your ability to think logically. We test for the skills that you will need to absorb new languages and platforms rapidly.

How should I prepare for my interview?

We will ask you to write code for us on a whiteboard with no access to a computer or the internet but we aren't going to try to catch you out on minor syntax problems. We're looking for you to show your thought process and your strategy for solving the problem.

Have a think about things you'd like to find out about us as well. It's as much about ensuring that we're a good fit for each other as ensuring you have the ability to do the job.