Cellar was developed as a counter to the dull spreadsheet style of standard wine organisers. Swiping through your bottles of wine in Cellar feels much quicker and more intuitive than reading down a list of written names.

You can keep track of the wines you own, wines you would like to buy and wines you really don't want to buy again. Stats help you to keep track of spending, and you can share wines with other Cellar users too.

We have exciting plans for a future update of Cellar, including an iPad specific version.

User experience

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Over many years of development, we've honed the experience of using Cellar to put your wine front-and-centre. With tasting notes, gradings and the ability to make the bottle look just like it does in your wine rack, Cellar provides a uniquely beautiful perspective on your collection.

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Lively graphics for the different locations your bottle ends up - whether it's a bottle you're planning to try or one you'd really rather not have again - are all part of the stylish and vibrant interface that Cellar offers.

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With every aspect of the application lovingly hand-crafted by our design team, Cellar transforms the way you can see what's in stock. Bottle shapes, cap colours and even the colour of the glass are all configurable options when you add a bottle to your collection. See your wine in a whole new light.

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I've downloaded and used a bunch of wine cellar management apps and this is by far my favorite. It takes about a minute per bottle and I have a couple hundred bottles so the setup time was lengthy... but actually kind of fun so I didn't mind at all.

If you have wine stored away then you need this app. It has continued to improve just like a good red. Cheers and keep up the good work.

Cellar's slick UI and quick data entry make keeping track of your wine library almost as fun as actually drinking the wine you collect.


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