Looks and behaves better on all phones.

We've always wanted Cellar to present your wines in a uniquely beautiful way, and with Cellar 2 it looks better on all iPhones.

All orientations, all modes

Cellar 2 brings the same beautiful presentation of your wine to all phone screens, in all orientations. See your wine bottles on the move in portrait. See your list of wines in landscape. Edit and view wines without having to change the way you hold your phone.

Better layout for larger phones

For those of you who have splashed out for bigger screens on their devices, we've expanded what we show, so you can see more of your wine, more of the time.

iPhone screens showing improved layout

More colourful.

Instead of 8 bottle colours, we have over fifty.

You wanted more colours for your bottles - and Cellar 2 delivers. With expanded and custom colour options, the basic 8 bottle colours have now been extended to over fifty to make your wine bottles look even more realistic.

New colour palette shown on iPhone screen

New edit view.

Icons and new fields.

Remember which winery you bought your bottle from, which vineyard grew your grapes and how much alcohol it contains with new edit fields in Cellar 2. We've even added purchase location so you can remember where you got that great deal from last time.

More space to read and edit your notes.

Pokey little boxes are a thing of the past, with expanded note-taking areas so you can get down all of your thoughts and not just an abbreviated summary.

New edit and view icons

Edit dialogs shown on iPhone screen

Hello, Bocksbeutl.

For our many German wine fans - and fans of German wine - we have added a new bottle shape.

Ich bin ein Bocksbeutl! By popular demand, we've added a new bottle shape to our collection, so your wine collection can now show all of your bottles.

iPhone screen showing the new Bocksbeutl shape

Other Features

Recycling view

We're thinking green, and it's time to take out the trash! We've got a brand new, custom drawn recycling view.

Round label support

It's no longer hip to be square. Or rectangular. Cellar 2 supports round bottle labels and crop masks, so you can fit your oval labels perfectly on your bottles.

Edit and delete labels

Keep tweaking them until they're just right. You can now edit and delete labels from bottles, so there's no need to replace labels every time you want to change them.

New sharing options

A wine shared is a wine enjoyed. We've enhanced bottle sharing so you can share to more places with more people. If you can share it on iOS, you can share it with Cellar 2.

Position labels vertically

Moving on up. You can now place your labels on the bottle perfectly, and position them just so.

Try before you buy

Not sure? Cellar now comes with a free trial period, so you can see if it works for you and your wine collection without committing upfront. Give it a try.