Cellar 2 Support

CSV Import


Some versions of Excel have been observed to corrupt the CSV file, even if the file is only opened and not saved. In this case you will need to re-export the file from Cellar 2 and use another editor to edit the file.

How to use

This CSV file contains wine bottle information exported from the Cellar app. You can use this CSV file as a tool to conveniently modify the data in the Cellar app by importing this file back into the app after having introduced changes.

When importing the CSV file data into the Cellar app, the CSV data will be merged with existing wine data in the app. This means that the CSV file can be used to:

but will never cause existing wine bottles to be deleted.

Modifying existing wine bottles

If you plan to modify an existing entry, please do not modify the "GUID" field, as it is used internally by Cellar to identify the wine.

Restrictions on fields

Some fields have restrictions on the data allowed. These are as follows:

Score - a value from 0..999

Rating - a value from 0..5

ABV - a value from 0..100

Vintage/Drink from/Drink by - a value from 0..2100

Country - this is an internationalised string. You can enter the exact string as seen in Cellar 2 or you can enter the 2 digit code representing the country (eg “DE” for Germany, “GB” from Great Britain and Northern Ireland) as found in this list.

Adding new wines

If you wish to add a new wine bottle, then add a new row at the bottom of the CSV file and leave the "GUID" field empty. Upon importing, any newly created wine bottle will be added to your main cellar. The new bottle will not have a label and will come with a default bottle shape, colour and bottle top.

Importing the CSV file

To import the CSV file, transfer the file to your device using AirDrop, email or some other transfer mechanism. Selecting the file will prompt your with an "Open with…" popup. Select “Cellar 2” and the import process will begin. CSV files can also be sent to your device via email. Long press on the CSV file and select the Cellar 2 icon from the list to open it in Cellar 2.


Changing the structure of the CSV file (e.g. deleting columns or removing the instructions or header rows), will cause an import failure.

The file is expected to be in UTF-8 encoding. When importing or exporting the file from an editor please ensure this is correctly set.

Please ensure that you save or export the file in CSV format.