We've included some hints and tips for helping you get the most out of Cellar below - check it out and let us know if you have any more questions!

Add a bottle to your Cellar (or Wishlist)

To add a bottle, simply tap the '+' button on the Cellar (or Wishlist) screen, customise the bottle and then tap 'Done' when you're finished. There are three main sections when customising a bottle:

Bottle - allows you to customise the appearance of your bottle and the quantity you have in stock.

Wine - allows you to enter information about the wine itself. A range of optional fields are presented, including vintage, producer, grape, name, region, type & price (including currency).

Notes - allows you to enter additional subjective information about the wine, such as your own notes, pairing suggestions, year to drink from and by, a personal star rating and a 100pt score reference.

Quick tipThe only field which you must configure is the colour of the glass. Everything else is optional when adding a bottle to your Cellar or Wishlist.

Quick tip TooAfter adding a label image, you can tap and hold on a bottle's label to view it larger, share it or remove it.

Portrait mode

Cellar supports portrait orientation for viewing, searching and sorting your wine collection in a list. Access this view by tapping the button in the top right of the screen.

Tap on a row and the bottle profile page slides across, showing you all the information about that bottle on one screen.

Quick tipWhen viewing the profile page for particular bottle, swipe sideways to view the pages for the bottles either side of it.

Bottle Manager

The Bottle Manager is an action menu for individual bottles. To bring up the Bottle Manager, tap on a bottle, then tap on the circular button at the left end of the grey notes bar.

The buttons on this menu allow you to perform various actions on the selected bottle, such as drinking one bottle (if the quantity is greater than one), copying a bottle (eg same wine but different vintage) moving it to another location or sharing it with another Cellar user via email, Twitter or Facebook, so they can import it into their Cellar with a single tap.


There are four main locations in Cellar:

Cellar is where you enter your current stock of wine.

Garage is where you store bottles that have been consumed but which you enjoyed and may purchase again.

Wishlist is where you enter wine that you would like to buy one day, but don't yet own (eg. you may have tried it in a restaurant or imported it from a friend's Cellar).

Trash is where you store empty bottles that you did not like and will not purchase again. Bottles can also be permanently discarded once in the Trash.

Backup, Restore & Merge

Although iTunes creates encrypted backups of all your application data when you sync it with iTunes, this isn't ideal if it just your Cellar data you'd like restored.

Cellar has a Backup feature which lets you transfer a special .cellar backup file to your desktop computer, which can then be used later to restore your entire cellar (ie replacing all your Cellar data), or merge with your existing cellar (ie, adding but not deleting any of your Cellar data). Please note that the backup file can not be opened on its own - it is simply a backup that you can use to restore or merge back to you device if needed.

To use the Backup feature, simply tap on the Settings button, select the Backup tab, and follow the instructions. Your device and your desktop computer must be on the same wi-fi network. Alternatively, you can email a copy of the backup file to yourself - or a friend for sharing!

Quick tip: You can also merge your Cellar database directly with another iPhone or iPod Touch without the need for a desktop computer. This is particularly helpful if two people want to share the data entry of their cellar and then merge the two. To do this, go to the Backup tab on the first device, and wait for the URL to appear. Now type this into Safari on the second device and follow the instructions.

Search & Sort

Once you've entered more than a handful of bottles into Cellar, you'll want to be able to find the right bottle quickly.

To search for any data that you've entered or to sort your collection by various criteria, simply tap the magnifying glass icon (in landscape mode) or the search bar (in portrait mode).

To sort your collection using a number of options, tap the magnifying glass icon (in landscape mode) and then the pale button displaying the current sort criteria (if sorting is not already active).

Quick tip: change the direction of the sort results by tapping the up/down triangle.

Can't decide what to drink?

If you have a number of wine bottles in the Cellar or Garage and can't choose which one to open next (or purchase next, in the case of the Garage), shake your device - Cellar will choose one for you!