The inventors of the 'designer' QR Code love Optiscan

You may not have heard of SET Japan, but if you've seen some great looking QR codes around you'll probably have seen their work. Producing designer codes for the likes of TIME magazine and Louis Vuitton, SET Japan are recognised as the 'inventors' of the designer QR code that is becoming so popular now. They created their first a few years back and have been involved in virtually every major new use of them since, working with companies such as Warbasse Design in the US recently.

With all their great experience of working with QR codes, it was with great pleasure and honour that we received an email from their development team praising Optiscan!

"We use a lot of readers when we are testing and the team is always looking for the fastest reader - it is like a badge of honor if you can bring in the best reader to a meeting - and we are all huge fans of your Optiscan reader. It is our go to app and the one we recommend to anyone looking to get clicking."

It's always good to be appreciated! Get your copy of Optiscan today.

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