4Music sting featuring QR code

Last night, during the 19:30 ad break, More 4 ran a sting for their sister channel, 4Music. The surreal set included a QR code on a TV in the left hand corner and, in a change from previous televised QR codes, the voiceover dialogue was doing nothing more than hinting that the viewer "knew what to do". The code was onscreen for the majority of the 30 second sting. When scanned the code takes you (via a bit.ly shorturl) to an article on the 4Music site where you are congratulated for being tech-savvy and 'rewarded' with a free N-Dubz download. Sounds good, right? Almost. Just two minor points:

  1. The website isn't mobile. This is supposed to be the (quote) "new and improved" 4Music site - so why is there no mobile optimised version? Surely a consideration for your average site now, but a must for a youth oriented site such as this.

  2. The track cannot be downloaded on all mobile phones. Yes, if you are running Android or Windows 7 there should be no problems but, in a about face from the usual turn of events, iPhone users are denied the free track. Why is that? It could have easily been included on iTunes, no?

It's a shame to see a QR code campaign that looked promising to begin with, be let down yet again by the end result.

4Music QR code sting image