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The fastest QR code scanner, bar none.

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Don't buy Optiscan until you've tried the free Optiscan QR Speed Test app first!
Experience the amazing speed before you spend a single penny.

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(Sorry Apple fans, Android only right now - iOS version coming soon!)

Icon for scanning a QR codeSCANNING

Why pay for Optiscan? Because we're the fastest, most reliable scanner available! We've put lots of work into the scanning engine to ensure you aren't left hanging. It works better than many other scanners in a variety of bad light, broken code situations, and will recognise a wide variety of data formats. Optiscan also supports encoding in multiple languages, with UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, and Shift-JIS included.

Found a QR code while browsing the internet on your phone? Save the image to your photo gallery and Optiscan can scan that too!

Icon for creating a QR codeCREATING

We've made it easy and quick for you to get the information you want into a QR code, with encoding options including:

  • Contact
  • URL
  • Text
  • Event
  • SMS
  • Location
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Wi-Fi

After creation you can save the QR codes, share them with others or even scan them with another phone - handy for quickly sharing your contact details.

And don't just take our word for it…


This is such a great tool. I am stumped for something critical to say.

My company produces mobile content for our clients and tie it to printed material with QR codes for tracking purposes. Optiscan is what we use when demonstrating what QR codes can do. We also use it to email codes right from the iPhone when we create them on the fly. We've tweeted about this app in the past as our go to app for QR codes and it still is. Really nice app!

I use this app to communicate quickly with my network. Flawless. Thank you!

Recognises the QR correctly … your application is without fault - like a Kalashnikov :) Thanks!

By far the best out there. No hassles, no fuss. Simple to use.

As someone who rarely writes reviews, I simply had to comment on this app. It works great! I saw the Google "Favorite Places" sign on a local coffee shop and got curious about the QR Code and how it worked. I bought this app and it worked flawlessly. I scanned the code in good light and bad and it worked both ways. It also reads codes on a computer display in every reasonable size I threw at it. It's one of those "magic" apps like Shazam, and Redlaser that make the iPhone so fun to own.

Very rare that something actually does exactly what it says on the tin!!!!!A very robust, fast and slick App well done you guys!!!!!!!

So go get Optiscan now!

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