Optiscan developments

Several news items on Optiscan! Last week we sent version 1.8.0 to Apple (hopefully it will make the App Store this week). Together with some other cool stuff, this version adds support for structured append, which has been widely requested by users of the King Jim Pomera DM-20. An update to the Optiscan library for our commercial licensees will follow shortly.

We've had a note from Greg at SET Japan: their latest designer QR code promotional video features Optiscan, which seems to scan it better than the competition. Check it out: http://youtube.com/watch?v=M5lAT3gVzFc.

Also Optiscan is now featured on the readers page by MSKYNET, which has a rather nice online QR code generator. They "rebrand" QR codes as sparqcodes in the US.

John Earl
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