Optiscan 1.5 bugs and workarounds

The release of Optiscan 1.5 was very rushed in response to a request from Apple, and a few new bugs have sneaked in. We've submitted version 1.6, fixing these problems, to Apple today, but because Apple is very busy we don't expect approval of the update until mid-December.

Due to the delay, we thought we'd offer some notes about the known issues and suggest work-arounds.

Potential crashes

We are aware that a few users have been experiencing instability in the application. There are known crashes in Optiscan 1.5 in two cases:

  • Have automatic opening turned on for a type of QR code content (one of the options in the Settings tab), and automatically scan an image containing that content type with the camera, or
  • Delete the last saved item on the "Saved" tab

As a work-around, please avoid deleting the last saved item on the "Saved" tab (perhaps keep a dummy empty item there), and turn off any automatic opening preferences you may have set.

Please note: there is no problem with automatic scanning - merely with the logic that can automatically open a browser in the app when you scan a URL.

Encoding selection problem

Optiscan correctly decodes a wide range of character sets that are used in encoding QR codes. However, version 1.5 may be confused by QR codes which use the Shift-JIS character set, and fail to present any available actions.

The work-around is to manually select the encoding on the action selection page. Generally, selecting either UTF-8 or Shift-JIS will resolve the problem.

John Earl
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