Optiscan - Upcoming Features

We've had quite a lot of feedback about Optiscan, from various sources. Where possible we've replied, but in some cases email addresses haven't been correct, and in others no reply is possible -- such as on the App Store Reviews.

We're currently working on an update for Optiscan which will include the following features:

  • Handle QR codes with invalid version bits -- we found that there is at least one generator out there which produces technically invalid codes. Since it's possible for us to support these, we will.
  • Add a setting for "When code recognised, just launch the URL with no confirmation query".
  • Improve handling of partially shadowed images.
  • Improve handling of blurry images.
  • Localization into Japanese and several other languages.
  • Tap-and-hold to save a barcode to the gallery.


We are, of course, still collecting feedback at optiscan-feedback@airsource.co.uk

Ben Blaukopf
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