Aftermarket Chargers

Anyone with a Macbook knows that the MagSafe (TM) tip for the charger is pretty cool - apart from the fact that you can't get any third party accessories for it, because Apple don't license it. My charger recently started getting rather temperamental due to kink in the cable. The damage was right next to the MagSafe (TM) tip, so I couldn't just chop the cable and reconnect. I had a look on ebay, and discovered that there were some cheaper chargers available, and bought one. It turned up pretty quickly, and worked just fine. Once. I paid just over £20 for something that costs £58 from the Apple store (having just checked) so I shouldn't be surprised that it wasn't genuine Apple. I didn't expect it to be made of cheese though. I cracked it open very easily, and desoldered the main lead and the tip with the intention of swapping it over to the original charger. No such luck. The Apple box was considerably better built, and resisted my attempts to open it. I ended up cutting the lead, and connecting the old wire to the new wire and tip (which at least appears to be reasonable quality). That worked perfectly, but next time I'll just go to the Apple Store - particularly because subsequent googling suggests that they might actually have replaced it for free.

Ben Blaukopf
in Opinion

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