Mobile Device Databases

I've just been taking a look at Device Atlas, which in its own words is the "world's most comprehensive database of mobile device information". I had high hopes, but unfortunately it appears to be rehash of the kind of information which is readily available, without anything more useful. I appreciate that this database is not designed for my sole delectation, but I surely can't be alone in wanting to get a list of devices running S60 FP1 which have a camera? Not only does the Device Atlas apparently not allow any sort of search, it doesn't tell me what operating system a phone runs, what JSRs it has, or allow any kind of user commenting (e.g. "HTTPS is broken on this device").

My favourite part of the site is in the FAQ, where it says "Can I have a job? Yes, we're hiring world class staff for the DeviceAtlas project. Call us." Errr, call who? There's no phone number. Click on "Contact" on the nav bar at the bottom of the screen. Still no phone number. I presume you're supposed to call dotMobi (one more click away) rather than Device Atlas, but that's far from clear. Also in the FAQ, we read that "We intend this to be the single largest, most comprehensive, and accurate device database on the planet". A worthy goal - but Device Atlas has a long way to go to reach it.

Ben Blaukopf
in Opinion

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