So who or what is Airsource?

There's a strong Airsource theme in this Blog. But what is Airsource?


Our website will tell you a bit more about the company and the people, but in short, we're a mobile software company, based in Cambridge, UK. We've got experience on a bunch of mobile platforms - all the usual suspects like Pocket PC, Symbian - and can code just about anything you want on any phone. Our specialist area, though, is BREW. We reckon we know more about BREW than any other consultancy in Europe. And if it's uiOne you need help with, then we know more about that than anyone. Why? Well before we formed Airsource, we used to work at a small company called Trigenix, which wrote some software called Trigplayer. Trigplayer is the renderer used in uiOne, and we wrote versions 1,2,3 and, yes, you guessed, version 4, which just happens to be the BREW version used in uiOne.

Update - Like all blog posts, this one is only valid when written. It is worth pointing out that since this article was written we have launched products on Symbian S60, and on iPhone, not to mention having gained development experience on Windows Mobile, Android, and Blackberry. We still know lots about BREW - and we know lots about other stuff too.

Ben Blaukopf
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Airsource design and develop apps for ourselves and for our clients. We help people like you to turn concepts into reality, taking ideas from initial design, development and ongoing maintenance and support.

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