Smart lighter



Integration with consumer electronics
Configure BLE communications
Health & Fitness app development
Featuring innovative consumer electronics with an intriguing approach to the problem of nicotine addiction, Slighter created a smarter lighter.

Designed to aid in gradually reducing a user’s smoking habit, the lighter is intended to help them to become healthier, and feel more in control of their intake. To make the most of the device, Slighter needed a connected mobile application that would keep track of cigarette consumption, enable history analysis, and allow the sharing of data with friends.


First steps

First we worked closely with Slighter’s engineering team to design and build a communications protocol on top of standard BLE to maximise bandwidth and pass data efficiently between the lighter and the user’s mobile device.

Slighter app progress sketchSlighter app graph screen sketchSlighter app performance sketchSighter app community sketch


Slighter app colour palette

Our design team analysed the Slighter brand requirements, colour palette, and existing concepts to design an application that would complement the product, and work for the users.

Slighter app icon design


We built the application and integrated it both with the lighter protocol and backend systems, for social sharing and medical testing of Slighter’s system and algorithm.

Slighter app recording phase screenshotSlighter app progress phase screenshotSlighter statistics page screenshot