QR Codes! Designers hate them, marketers and Asia love them.

We set out to make our own QR Code app after having been disappointed with the accuracy of apps we tested. We decided we could do better!


Rather than simply use Google's stock ZXing (Zebra Crossing) processing library - as many other apps do – we created our own, and used both in creating Optiscan.

It worked. We had the fastest and most accurate QR Code scanner available on the iPhone App Store!

After a few more updates tinkering with the code we had Optiscan scanning a high percentage of QR Codes that were in difficult situations - a necessity considering some of the places these codes are used. Many other apps couldn't cope with even the slightest angle or crease.

The code creation options have developed over time too. Now you can very quickly share a whole host of information types, from contacts or URLs, to wifi and location details. The latest development was the Android version, which we released alongside a fun free app that showed just how fast our processing library was - Optiscan QR Code Speed Test. Try it out!


Keep it simple, silly. When users find a QR code, they want to be able to get it scanned and see what it's pointing at - fast. Optiscan puts the functions up-front and keeps users productive. Creating a code gets plenty of design love as well, with loads of options to put that code together just the way you like it.

Optiscan app QR code scanning screenOptiscan app create QR code screenOptiscan app saved Wifi QR code screen


Excellent recognition. Saved history. Crest and display QR codes to pass info, contacts, maps, etc to others. More capabilities than similar ones I've looked at. Well worth the price.

Very rare that something actually does exactly what it says on the tin!!!!! A very robust, fast and slick App well done you guys!!!!!!!

Recognises the QR correctly … your application is without fault - like a Kalashnikov :) Thanks!


Optiscan app iOS screenshot
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