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Petra's Planet is a successful online virtual world for children ages 6-11, launched by Dramaforum in 2012. Airsource were approached to design and develop a mobile game to exist in parallel with this world, focusing on the pets that accompany players' avatar's, and giving them their own stories.


User experience

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Dramaforum wanted elements of pet care and management, but didn't want the game to emulate others too closely. To combat this we suggested a superhero theme, underused in this game type, yet with a lot of potential for the target audience.

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We give the pets superpowers, fantastic costumes, and a great hook for the minigames that were requested for inclusion. This was well received by the client who gave us the go ahead to develop the backstory for the world, including how the pets arrive there and why superheroes are needed. The gist of it - save the world's music from the evil Dr Shhh!

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We created a comprehensive Game Design Document next, detailing all creative and technical specifics of the application, including storyboards of the user journeys and animation details. Once finalised, illustrated assets where then created, and game development proceeded using Unity. A server was also built that interfaced with the virtual world, and incorporated In-App Purchase for revenue generation.

So far it has been well received by Petra's Planet fans!

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