Cellar Update: 2.4.7 released

  • Cellar backups can now be exported to any service (e.g. AirDrop or Files), not just email.
  • Sharing bottles works once more!
  • Sounds are back in (but disabled by default.)
  • Door now animates on startup again.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

We can see that some of you have hit a crash when trying to search your wines - we will ship an update to fix this bug shortly.


Cellar Update: 2.4.6 released

Fixed a bug related to currency formatting.


Cellar Update: 2.4.4 - Database changes and support for new iOS versions!

Worried Cellar is going the way of the dodo? Apple upgrade messages leaving you concerned? Not to worry! Our new 64-bit compliant version will get you going again.

Various bug fixes including:

NEW: Changed database format to prepare for future expansion
FIXED: Various problems related to new iOS versions


Cellar Update: 2.4.3 - bugs squashed...

We've just rolled you a new release. Various bug fixes have been added, including:


  • Redisplay corrected for some searches
  • Rating control
  • Layout issues, especially in non-English languages
  • Text editing when sharing on social networks


Cellar Update: 2.4.2 - iOS 8 FTW!

Now works properly for all of you folks who have recently updated to iOS 8. Enjoy!


Cellar Update: 2.4.1 released

A minor fix update:


  • Sort by Score


  • German translation correction
  • Label images display better in List view


Cellar Update: 2.4 released

Cellar 2.4 hits the App Store today! We've added a few things based on what you've been requesting - more to come!


  • New bottle shape! Due to popular demand we've added the Alsace/Mosel/Riesling bottle.
  • Push notifications - argh! We know they can be annoying in other apps, but we'll be keeping you updated on what's happening with future versions of Cellar this way.
  • Added completions list for Regions in the Edit screen.
  • iPhone 5 optimisation


  • More 'Sort By' options
  • Better Backup for larger collections
  • Fixed Facebook and Twitter sharing
  • Expanded completions list for Producers in the Edit screen
  • Bug fixes.

Don't forget, we answer support queries quickly and love hearing from our users :)


Cellar Wins in Food App Awards!

Food website Toque set up an independent panel of judges to find the very best in food apps available for Apple devices. Of the 15 categories, Cellar was shortlisted in three: Best Design, Best Innovation and Best Drink App - a worthy winner in all three I'm sure you'll agree!

After a few weeks of tinkering and deliberation by the judges, the winners were revealed during a 90 minute #foodappawards Twitter presentation by Toque founder Erika Kotite and food app critic Steve Cooper.

“We were thrilled by the caliber of design, utility and innovation these apps had,” Kotite says. “It was a lot of work as we had more submissions than expected but we all came out of it better informed of the app’s incredible potential.”

We were very happy with our win for Best Innovation and don't mind losing out to some great apps in the other categories. The win assures us we are moving in the right direction with Cellar - the next major update is all about innovation!

Thanks again to Toque, Erika, Steve and all the judges!


Cellar 2.3 - Retina is here!

We got there! After much wrangling behind the scenes, Cellar development is back on track, starting with this much needed Retina update for all the iPhone 4 owners out there.

Along with sparkly Retina graphics, we've also tweaked the interface a little, adding new features and making improvements here and there.

The full list includes:

  • Retina enabled graphics
  • Screw tops!
  • New top bar button to swap between landscape bottle and portrait list view - no longer relies on phone orientation!
  • Share your wines with other Cellar users via Twitter or Facebook
  • 'Drink from' and 'Location' fields added to Notes
  • Backup your Cellar via email
  • Stability and performance improvements


Cellar 2.2 goes multi-lingual

Cellar 2.2 now brings support for French, German, Italian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese languages.

We've worked very hard with translators to make the experience of using Cellar as seamless as possible for people from the above non-English speaking regions. So if you speak any of the newly supported languages, this one's for you!


Cellar 2.1 has been approved!

Cellar 2.1 has been approved by Apple, just 10 hours after submission. A small but exciting update, this one is all about a better way of creating and viewing wine labels.

Users can now customise labels by cropping, scaling and previewing. Not only this, but all labels can now be viewed full-screen with the tap-and-hold gesture (rotation is also supported when viewing full screen labels). Labels can also be emailed, saved to photos.app or deleted when being viewed in full screen.


Cellar 2.0 released

Raise your glasses - Introducing Cellar 2.0! This major new update brings with it a raft of powerful new features which will make organising your Cellar both super fun and super fast! Cheers!

Version 2.0 provides a strong mix of answers to user feedback and some great new ideas of our own. What are you waiting for? Take a look on the App Store!


Cellar 2.0 submitted!

It's done. Submitted. Thrown into the App Store approval ring.

Plenty of hard work and late nights have gone into this update and we're really happy with what we've achieved. We're hoping you will be too!

We've given a pre-release build of 2.0 to a number of review sites, so keep your eyes peeled for more. Meantime, we'd like to thank Danny from Wine Week for helping us with beta testing and providing some excellent feedback over the last few weeks.


You want the good news or the bad news?

Okay, the bad news is that the sale has ended. But congratulations to those of you who managed to pick Cellar up while it was a steal. You won't regret it!

The good news is that we are close to submitting a big update to Apple - so big that we had to just go ahead and make it Cellar 2.0. We've bundled requested features with some innovative new features of our own and we think you're going to love it.


Cellar 1.0.5 approved!

Yay! Cellar 1.0.5 has been approved by Apple and is ready for sale. If you already own Cellar, it's time to visit the App Store for some update lovin' and after that go out and get yourself a nice bottle of wine to celebrate. There's info about the specific improvements in this update in the previous post. They aren't huge but they're handy, (the 1.1 update will be a big one).


Cellar is on sale for a limited time!

It's your lucky day because the App Store's most stylish wine app is on sale! We thought we'd throw some Cellar love your way while we work on the next exciting update which includes sort, search, portrait mode and some very cool surprises. Don't miss out because this is a strictly limited-time sale. Cheers!


Cellar update submitted (v1.0.5)

Our very first update to Cellar has been submitted to Apple for review. This update includes requested features such as: the choice of using the iPhone's inbuilt camera or Photos app for adding labels; a sound on/off setting; a simple way to drink one bottle at a time when the quantity of a particular bottle is greater than one; the option of cork-only bottle tops; and general performance enhancements.

Stay tuned for an even bigger update (v1.1) which will include fantastic new features and some simple ways to manage larger collections of wine.


One word: Wow.

What an amazing launch. To think that Cellar was only approved by Apple on Monday and 24 hours later it was the 15th top paid app in Lifestyle on the US App Store and another 24 hours after that it became the #1 top paid app in Lifestyle on the Australian App Store (even Barista only managed to reach #2).

We'd like to thank everyone who has purchased Cellar and given us such terrific feedback. We're looking forward to building on this release with updates that will make Cellar even better. So once again - thanks for your feedback and support.

One quick last thing... Wine Week have reviewed Cellar on their latest video podcast (check it out on iTunes or YouTube). Thanks guys, great show!


Launch sale ends Friday night!

That's right, our launch sale is ending on Friday night (17 July) Cupertino time. If you've been thinking about buying Cellar during our launch special, don't miss out!

UPDATE: Cellar's launch sale is finished, but at just US$2.99, it's still a bargain. :)


Cellar is now available on the App Store

After almost three weeks in review at Apple, Cellar has been approved and is ready for sale! Thanks for your patience if you have been waiting for Cellar since Mike Rose published his 'First look' article on tuaw.com.

We hope you enjoy using Cellar and if you have feedback or feature requests, please use the Feedback link from inside the app by tapping the circular 'i' button


iPhone friendly site

Take a look at this site on your iPhone and you'll be pleased to see a friendly small-screen version ready and waiting. It will automatically detect if you're browsing on the iPhone or iPod Touch, so no need to bookmark a separate page.


Cellar submitted to App Store for review

Cellar has been submitted to Apple for sale in the App Store! Assuming it is under review for around 7 days, all going well we are anticipating a launch somewhere around Friday the 3rd of July.

If you'd like to be notified when Cellar becomes available, send us an email, sign up for eNews or follow Cellar's Twitter feed.


OS 3.0 & iPhone 3GS

Cellar has been optimised for version 3.0 of the iPhone OS, which touts speed improvements amongst other new features. And for those of you who will be buying or upgrading their handset to the iPhone 3GS, you'll find the experience of swiping through your Cellar zippier still. Plus the support for macro photos will make shooting your wine labels even better.